Issue 35

Leadership training targets ethnic diversity

Arla Foods Ingredients teaches leadership skills to multicultural students

Arla Foods Ingredients is sponsoring a leadership training programme aimed at bringing more ethnic diversity to the management teams of Danish companies. The Lead the Talent programme, organised by the multicultural network o.n.e. danmark, targets young people with a non-Danish background, who are either in education or recent graduates. 

When approached by o.n.e., human resources senior director Niclas Kvernrød was quick to recognise the potential.“Our customers are all over the world, so we are used to working with people from a range of cultures. But, at our head office in Denmark, we could do better at promoting ethnic diversity,” says Niclas Kvernrød, human resources senior director. ”For us, this has both to do with being socially responsible and with gaining new perspectives. It strengthens us to work with people from different cultural backgrounds.” 

Each of the six Danish companies involved in the programme are responsible for a single training module. Arla Foods Ingredients is to instruct course participants in leader communication skills and the ability to inspire and motivate. Whether the young participants have an academic or more practically oriented education is unimportant. Good leaders are a necessity in every walk of life. “The course will hopefully make them stronger candidates at job interviews and give an overview of what being a good leader is all about,” Kvernrød states.