Issue 32

New team brings out the value in ice cream

Innovative solutions add quality and make good business sense

Ice cream is as popular as it has ever been, with Datamonitor forecasting global value sales that by 2014 will be 21% higher than in 2009. The message is that many consumers are trading up to premium variants where the unique selling points are a combination of indulgence and innovation.

Arla Foods Ingredients has established a dedicated ice cream team to help manufacturers respond to the changing market. Drawing on the tailored functional milk protein Nutrilac® IC-1590, the team will support customers with solutions that put a firm emphasis on premium quality and maximum profits. 

Track record
Nutrilac® IC-1590 already has a proven track record. As an alternative to skimmed milk powder (SMP) in ice cream recipes, it overcomes the quality issues associated with other SMP replacers, such as standard whey protein concentrate and whey powder.

Compared to the 50-55% SMP replacement possible with whey protein concentrate, Nutrilac® IC-1590 can replace SMP 100%. The final ice cream is consistently creamy, heat-shock stable and noticeably cheaper to produce. Overall ice cream quality can even be improved compared to standard ice cream recipes.

Ice_groupCommitment to invest
With the new ice cream team, Arla Foods Ingredients reinforces its commitment to this food industry segment, particularly in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. “Customers can simply expect more of us,” says Henrik Hjortshøj, senior sales manager for ice cream. “Our work will focus on strengthening existing long-term customer relations and establishing new. ” Part of this effort will include inviting more customers to the advanced application centre in Denmark. Here, optimised recipes and new product developments are tried and tested. 

Service with a smile
The application centre is a key element in Arla Foods Ingredients’ Twintell Application Programme®, where close customer dialogue provides the basis for developing customised solutions. As humour is a core value for the new ice cream team, customers can certainly expect service with a smile, adds Hjortshøj. “We are a team of people who enjoy working with each other and think what we do is fun. That and a set of clear market-oriented objectives are the key drivers of our ice cream activities.”