Issue 32

More curds in cottage cheese

Functional milk proteins make milk go further

Cottage cheese is a strong consumer favourite in Eastern Europe. Now Arla Foods Ingredients has found a way to make it an even better business proposition for cheese manufacturers. A new range of functional milk proteins has been designed to get the most out of the milk that goes into the cottage cheese vat – not forgetting to maintain the appealing taste and texture.

“The cheese market is in real growth, particularly in Russia. But, since the 2010 drought, reduced milk availability has caused a drop in domestic cheese production. Using our solution, it is possible to make milk go further,” says Allan Sandbeck, senior sales group manager. 

Profitable opportunities
This is why functional milk proteins are a particularly interesting option for manufacturers right now. Arla Foods Ingredients offers two opportunities: one designed to increase cottage cheese yield; another aimed at cutting the cost of cream-based cottage cheese dressings.

“Cheese production requires a lot of milk. So a yield increase is a clear advantage. By binding more liquid whey in the cheese curd, our proteins increase the yield of the final cottage cheese without changing the taste or firmness of the curd” Sandbeck explains.

Low-fat variant
In the dressing, the proteins perform the role of stabiliser when the cream content is reduced. Manufacturers can lower their costs further by reducing the cream, producing a low-fat variant where stability and creaminess remain intact. “Thanks to the fat-simulating properties of our proteins, consumers will detect no difference in sensory properties,” says Sandbeck. 

In view of the ongoing health trend and today’s focus on naturalness, cottage cheese is a born winner. Functional milk proteins are a reliable way to maximise the benefits.