Issue 32

Specialist proteins target convenient meat blends

New partnerships aim to bring high meat performance to a wider market

Arla Foods Ingredients is targeting manufacturers of meat ingredient blends in a drive to give the meat industry easier access to the benefits of customised functional milk proteins. Through establishing new partnerships with ingredient blenders, the aim is to provide more opportunities for meat manufacturers to buy the proteins pre-mixed in convenient functional ingredient blends.

Knowledge sharing initiative
“We are interested in sharing our specialist knowledge with blenders and combining our strengths to make our beneficial proteins more widely available to processed meat manufacturers,” says Hans-Henrik Wikman, sales group manager.

Arla Foods Ingredients has good experience of working with blending companies, who typically regard protein solutions as a valuable addition to their product offer. “The blenders are well acquainted with other sources of dairy protein, such as skimmed milk powder, caseinate and whey protein concentrate. What we can offer are functional milk proteins with a series of value-adding properties and a consistent quality, free of seasonal variations,” Wikman explains.

Improved yield and texture
White in colour and neutral in taste, the functional milk proteins perform particularly well in whole muscle and restructured meat products. An excellent water-binding capacity secures higher meat yield and reduces the need for phosphate addition – a growing demand in the premium meat sector. Good gel strength provides the basis for building juicy meat textures, with outstanding slicing properties in the final product.

Extra meat appeal
In emulsified meats, such as sausages and pâtés, functional milk proteins can successfully inhibit fat and gel separation during heat treatment, improving the meats’ overall appeal. Solutions for this category allow replacement of caseinate, skimmed milk powder and egg.

Wikman adds: ”The processed meat market is moving in two directions – towards more discount and more premium products. We can provide competitive, high-performing solutions for both.” In addition to delivering customised solutions for meat spice blends, Arla Foods Ingredients will continue to work directly with meat manufacturers on their specific product optimisation and new product development projects.