Issue 31

Taste it to believe it

No more blandness and rubbery textures. With Nutrilac® functional milk proteins, low-fat cheese has never tasted so good

More and more cheese manufacturers are choosing a new, natural way to cut the fat in their products by up to 50% and satisfy consumer expectations. Using tailored Nutrilac® functional milk proteins from Arla Foods Ingredients, they have found it possible to give cheese a healthier profile, enhance their clean label image, and raise the quality to unprecedented heights. In short: manufacturers can respond to today’s most dominant market trends.

Even better performance
And right now there seems to be no end to the gains. According to Allan Sandbeck, senior sales group manager, innovation work in the application lab has lifted functionality to a new level of performance.“We have built up more experience in cheese types and applications. This has enabled us to develop natural ingredients that match our customers’ products and processes even more closely,” he says.

Perfect fat simulation
Replacing the functionality of fat is a difficult challenge in low-fat cheese processing. As a result, all too many low-fat cheese products on the market are characterised by a bland taste, rubbery texture and unattractive appearance.
Nutrilac® functional milk proteins have the ability to simulate fat functionality –maintaining the distinctive characteristics of traditional cheeses such as gouda, tilsitter, cheddar, brie, mozzarella and port salut.

Optimum yield and texture
Following the latest innovation, Arla Foods Ingredients can offer solutions that give manufacturers an extra yield and texture benefit. In other words, they can produce more high quality cheese more efficiently, using the same raw materials.
“The improvement in quality gives our customers a clear competitive advantage. In blind tests, sensory panels detect no or very little difference between full-fat cheese and low-fat cheese containing our proteins,” Sandbeck comments.

Fast delivery
The Nutrilac® series for low-fat cheese is produced in Denmark, Germany and, soon, Argentina, guaranteeing fast, reliable deliveries to major cheese markets in Europe and the Americas.