Issue 31

Crackdown on expensive meatballs

Nutrilac® SA-7802 cuts out egg and cuts down costs

High egg prices are no longer an unavoidable fact of life for manufacturers of meatballs and other prepared meat products such as meat loaf and sausage fillings. Arla Foods Ingredients has come up with an efficient egg replacer – designed to cut costs without compromising quality and taste on global markets.

Nutrilac® SA-7802 is the latest addition to a growing range of emulsifying egg replacement solutions based on natural milk proteins. Suitable for 100% substitution of egg white or whole egg, it contributes to deliciously juicy meatballs with improved flavour release. Excellent heat stability guards against product loss during heat treatment, giving manufacturers the benefit of higher yield production.

Easy cost efficiency
“The cost savings when replacing egg products in meatballs are significant,” says Hans-Henrik Wikman, senior sales group manager. He refers to a major meatball producer, who has made savings of EUR 400,000 (close to USD 530,000) using Nutrilac® SA-7802.

That Nutrilac® SA-7802 can be stored at ambient temperature and has a much longer shelf life than egg products is another cost-saving benefit. “Our solution is also easy to implement and work with on production lines,” Wikman adds.

Better profits and quality
The clean, natural taste of Nutrilac® SA-7802 ensures the sensory properties of the final product is unchanged. Flavour release, particularly from the meat, is even enhanced. Experienced Arla Foods Ingredients technicians tailor solutions to match the taste and texture of traditional egg-containing recipes. Thorough testing is the next important step in the development process, points out Grethe Mikkelsen, application group manager. “We always like to test our solutions in cooperation with our customers, either at their production facility or our pilot plant in Denmark,” she says.