Issue 31

Goodbye eggs. Hello Nutrilac®

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The days are over when egg was an essential ingredient in good cake baking. Thousands of trials at Arla Foods Ingredients and countless new product launches on international markets are the proof that egg replacement with Nutrilac® makes excellent, fresh-keeping cakes at an attractively low cost.

Clear benefits
Each month, the bakery team publishes a new, inspiring egg-free concept, highlighting the clear benefits for all industrial bakeries. 

  • Up to 30% savings on egg costs
  • Long-lasting cake softness
  • No cholesterol or egg-derived allergens
  • Easy processing on existing bakery lines

“We’ve created opportunities for bakers to move away from the traditional approach to cake baking with flour, sugar and eggs. What they need now is flour, sugar and Nutrilac®,” says John Kjær, head of the bakery application centre.