Issue 31

Egg-free cakes win on performance

Optimised pound cake concept gives more value to customers

Bakery innovation at Arla Foods Ingredients has confirmed that egg replacement with Nutrilac® really does increase cake shelf life. Following extensive application trials, the bakery team has developed an optimised pound cake concept for industrial bakeries. “The concept is based on a new model system that provides a more relevant starting point for customised egg replacement solutions,” says Allan Hurup Vangsgaard, technical manager.

Detailed documentation
Analyses of water activity, resilience, crumb moistness and softness have built a detailed picture of quality over time in a standard pound cake and 50% and 100% egg-reduced pound cakes.In all trials, Nutrilac® BK-7781 replaced the egg powder in the standard recipe.

Longer-lasting softness
The results confirmed that partial and total egg replacement with Nutrilac® BK-7781 produces cakes with longer-lasting softness. Crumb taste and texture are similar to that of the standard egg-based recipe. “The Nutrilac® we use is unchanged from our previous pound cake concept. What we have done with our new documentation is create an improved basic recipe that bears a closer resemblance to the pound cakes already sold on the market,” Vangsgaard explains.

Performance at lower cost
Using the new concept, Arla Foods Ingredients can offer faster egg-free cake development for bakery customers – with the guarantee of significant cost savings and high quality performance.
Find the new concept on our egg-free concepts page.