Issue 30

Nougat shows egg-free potential

Cost-cutting proteins move into quality confectionery

Soft French nougat from Montelimar has added another perspective to the egg replacement expertise of Arla Foods Ingredients. In response to a customer inquiry from China, the bakery team has developed a solution for replacing the egg whites in nougat with the whey protein isolate NUTRILAC® BK-9250.

Up to 40% cost saving
Martin Kristensen, bakery technical manager, quotes a potential cost saving of 30-40% when replacing high quality crystalline egg white. “French nougat is widely popular in Asia, particularly in China. But because egg white can fluctuate in quality, maintaining a high standard is normally expensive,” he adds. “With our protein, a consistent quality is easier to achieve at lower cost.”

Whipped to perfection
Application trials with the new nougat formulation have revealed that NUTRILAC® BK-9250 offers more than just financial benefits. Nougat performance is improved due to the excellent whipping properties, producing a stable foam with high air-retaining capacity. Compared to egg white, the protein is easier to handle, requires no cold storage and has an 18-month shelf life. The risk of microbiological contamination is also minimum. And, while crystalline egg white requires pre-soaking for six hours, NUTRILAC® BK-9250 can be put to work immediately.

A new door opens
“Our work with nougat has opened another door of opportunity within egg replacement. There are always exciting new ideas to investigate,” Kristensen remarks.Arla Foods Ingredients already provides a range of successful egg replacement solutions for sponge cakes, muffins, meringues and other bakery products.