Quality and food safety

Quality and food safety

Our quality & food safety systems remained in focus in the face of fast-changing markets through 2022. Digital tools are strengthening our procedures and mindset.

Becoming the trusted partner for safe ingredients
High quality and food safety standards are our primary responsibility as a supplier of specialised ingredients to the food industry. In 2022, global supply shortages have put extra pressure on our quality and food safety (Q&FS) management systems, with some customers requiring deliveries at shorter notice. This has tested our ability to remain agile without compromising standards.

Ingredient solutions for infant nutrition, the elderly and people with nutrition-related health conditions have become an increasingly important part of our business over the years. Since 2017, we have implemented a rigorous Q&FS strategy to develop and sharpen our capabilities, secure the robustness of our management systems and improve our quality and food safety mindset. The quest for excellence is fundamental to our Stronger People ambition.

Not even the best system in the world can succeed without the right inhouse mindset. To ensure this, our Q&FS culture is still in focus through rolling training and knowledge exchange. In the autumn, we conducted a survey to take the temperature on the Q&FS culture at our production sites, within our research and development teams and in our global quality department. This found that our mindset is on the right track, allowing us to concentrate on strengthening our culture further.

The second wave of our Q&FS strategy is now complete. During this time, we have noted a significant decline in product-related complaints and increasingly positive customer feedback about product quality. From 2023, wave three will begin – the next step in our ambition to become the most trusted partner for safe, nutritious and high-quality ingredients. This will include dedicated activities aimed at building trust and transparency through customer collaboration.

Digitalisation platforms
The digitalisation of our quality processes has improved our ability to track non-conformities and ensure compliance across locations. In 2022, we worked on additional digitalisation projects within our supply chain operations. The goals are to improve quality, optimise use of resources and support business growth.

At Danmark Protein, a datahub has been set up to take the plant to a new level of data-driven performance and sustainability. The hub will be introduced to other sites once fully established and fine-tuned.

The launch of digital performance boards at Danmark Protein makes use of the latest digital tools. Replacing weekly paper reports, the boards provide daily updates on how each department is progressing in relation to a series of key performance indicators.

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