We are committed to driving innovation for healthier lives via our research and development efforts. Using our ingredients and knowhow, we want to play an active role in projects to reduce and prevent malnutrition among children and young women in developing countries. Partnerships with re- search institutes, NGOs and other organisations are essential to achieving these objectives.

Priority actions
In line with our new sustainability roadmap, we will use 2023 to redefine the scope and ambition level of our efforts within lifelong nutrition. This work will include mapping and aligning activities with the UN SDGs.

We will continue to focus on partnership projects that support sustainable, affordable and nutritious food systems in developing countries. In Pakistan and Kenya, we are in dialogue with local dairies about how to utilise dairy side streams for the production of new affordable products. Through 2023, we will work with industrial tests of product prototypes with a view to commercialisation in 2024.

Arla Foods Ingredients is sponsoring the following clinical studies:

  • The effect of protein-reduced infant formula enriched with alpha-lactalbumin on the growth and metabolism of formula-fed infants.
  • The safety of two partial hydrolysates in infant formula.
  • The effect of osteopontin on the immune response of the elderly.
  • The effect of beta-lactoglobulin on muscle mass maintenance in people with chronic kidney disease.
  • The impact of milk ingredients in ready-to-use supplementary foods on recovery from moderate acute malnutrition.
  • The effect of dietary supplementation with whey protein concentrate on weight gain and recovery in tuberculosis patients in Guinea-Bissau.

During 2022, results were published from a sponsored clinical study conducted at Newcastle University, UK. This had investigated the effect of whey protein on blood glucose response in people with type 2 diabetes.

In our partnership projects with GAIN, DanChurchAid and others, we have taken further action to transfer sustainable dairy business models to more developing markets. This work includes developing a sustainable value chain for a protein-enriched biscuit in Ethiopia – a project that was concluded in 2022.

On society
People’s nutritional needs change from birth through childhood to adulthood and the senior years – and they vary from one person to the next, depending on expectations for personal performance and general health. Arla Foods Ingredients contributes to nutrition for life.

On Arla Foods Ingredients
The future of our company depends on our ability to operate and grow in a sustainable, responsible manner in line with the expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

On Sustainable Development Goals

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