Protein powders

Protein powders

Conveniently portable sports protein powders are extremely popular among active consumers, delivering high-quality protein in an easy, mix-and-go format. They’re the perfect way to jump-start and facilitate optimal recovery following a tough workout – and all that’s needed is to add water.

Arla Foods Ingredients offers a wide range of whey protein ingredients for powder shake formats. Each of our whey protein concentrates, isolates or hydrolysates provides a unique nutritional composition and functionality, helping to ensure the success of your protein powder products.

Reinventing the protein powder category

With the protein trend becoming more and more mainstream, it’s time to reinvent the category by providing more options. That’s why we have launched two uniquely powerful powder concepts: Lacprodan® ClearShake and Lacprodan® ISO.WaterShake – both of which combine the appeal of a clear appearance in the solution with refreshing, new flavour possibilities.

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Our ingredients for protein powder shakes