High-protein clear beverages with whey for sports consumers
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Protein beverages turn crystal-clear

Creating clear, high-protein ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages for sports consumers certainly has its challenges. But, thanks to our emphasis on food science research, and the ability of one of the world’s most advanced whey processing plants to produce extremely pure ingredients, Arla Foods Ingredients has created a solution that makes developing products for the clear protein drinks market remarkably easy.

Change on the way
Whey protein, the preferred protein for sports people, has traditionally been difficult to add to beverages, presenting a variety of challenges including:

  • Turbidity – a gradual thickening and milky white appearance
  • Separation of the protein content from the rest of the liquid
  • Unpleasant taste, dryness in the mouth and varying texture

Manufacturers have tackled these challenges with opaque bottles instead of transparent ones and by encouraging consumers to shake well before drinking.

The largely female, on-the-go consumer segment, however, is demanding high-protein RTDs that can no longer hide their shortcomings. Clear protein drinks in transparent bottles are now in the marketplace – but both their quality and processing ease can vary widely.

For the sports purist – and everyone else
We offer solutions for clear, high-protein drinks containing 100% whey protein isolate or whey protein hydrolysate. Lacprodan® HYDRO.Clear, for example, is a mildly hydrolysed, acidified whey protein specially developed for crystal-clear beverages. It ensures your RTDs will be crystal-clear, won’t become turbid, and won’t leave the mouth dry. And visible separation won’t occur over time when left on the shelf. With Lacprodan® HYDRO.Clear in your beverage, you can easily increase protein content regardless of the pH level.

Clear advantages
High clarity with a high protein content is a combination no other manufacturer has achieved to date. Our proteins also overcome the potential weaknesses of high protein, such as protein taste, graininess and process concerns. You get a clear protein beverage that doesn’t increase the viscosity of your product. It’s robust enough for hot-fill bottling. And it won’t separate.

Our application specialists work with you to select the right processing treatments, ingredients and pH level. And we can help you overcome the challenges of introducing a high level of protein to any beverage formulation – whether water-based or milk-based and whether you use pasteurisation or UHT heat treatment.

Crystal Clear Protein Water with Lacprodan® DI-9213 is the proud winning concept of the Foods Ingredients Europe 2017 award in the category Performance Nutrition Innovation.