Quality starts here

Welcome to Arla Foods Ingredients. We are a global leader in natural whey ingredients for nutritious food products, ranging from bakery, beverage, dairy and ice cream products to medical, infant and sports nutrition, and our trademark is the quality we provide to our customers in every aspect of our offering.

100% security of supply
As demand grows, we grow. Our global set-up keeps your production running smoothly. We have the production capacity and logistical network to meet any demand, anywhere in the world.

Full commitment to the environment
We apply sustainable principles in every part of our production and distribution. But sustainability is a journey that never ends and we continuously improve our efforts. 

Dedication and expertise
A global set-up of deeply committed experts makes sure that no challenge is left unsolved and provides our customers with the most qualified partners possible. Our expertise is at your disposal. 

Innovative, customised solutions with a fast time to market
Research and development fuels our business. Our experts work tirelessly to innovate new functionalities, and at our unique application centres we can mirror your production set-up to tee, allowing for thorough application trials. 

Uniform and high product quality
There are no surprises with our ingredients. State-of-the art equipment and leading product and application experts ensure uniform high quality in every delivery. Consistency guaranteed.