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Protein hydrolysates

Protein is needed every day to ensure the body stays healthy and strong, no matter whether it is an infant, teenager, adult or senior. All proteins are composed of building blocks called amino acids. Of the 20 amino acids needed, 9 of these are essential as the body cannot make them. Whey protein is a superior protein source as it contains all of the essential amino acids, including the branched-chain amino acids, isoleucine, valine and leucine, which plays a critical role in building and maintaining muscles.

Hydrolysates are proteins which have already been “broken down” to some level, meaning they are absorbed into the blood more quickly. This can be highly beneficial to a number of groups of people, from athletes wanting faster recovery from training, to seniors who are fighting sarcopenia, to patients meeting with high protein demands while challenged with reduced absorption.

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The degree of hydrolysis (DH) is the level to which a protein has been broken down, and gives the percentage of the peptide bonds in a protein that have been cleaved in the hydrolysis process.

Product range

Arla Foods Ingredients has a range of whey protein hydrolysates, including

  • Lacprodan® DI-3071: UHT stable whey protein hydrolysate for neutral beverages with a low bitterness profile and high solubility. DH (6-10) and 80% protein concentrate approx. dry matter
  • Lacprodan® DI-3065: UHT stable whey protein hydrolysate with a low bitterness profile suitable for high protein clear beverages at a wide pH range DH (23-29) and 81% protein concentrate approx. dry matter
  • Lacprodan® DI-2021: casein protein hydrolysate containing high amounts of casein phoapho peptides (CPP) DH (8) and 93% protein concentrate approx. dry matter

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