Affordable food ingredients


Whey permeate is taking off in the global food and beverage industry as the most cost-efficient milk solid on the market today.

What makes whey permeate outstanding is its ability to replace other, more expensive milk solids without altering the taste and texture of food products or requiring changes to processing parameters. Used as an alternative to whey powder, demineralised whey powder or lactose, whey permeate can optimise a variety of food applications.


Quality matters
For the best results, you need the best-tasting, best-performing permeate on the market.
Thanks to our process technology, our whey permeate has a consistently pleasant taste and none of the off-notes typically associated with standard permeates. The free-flowing powder properties mean no changes in your production parameters are necessary.

With a high-quality whey permeate, you can optimise your costs while maintaining the quality of your key brands.

CODEX standard on dairy permeate in 2017
The Codex Alimentarius international standard for dairy permeate powder has been finalised and approved in July 2017 and comes into effect immediately. This new science-based standard establishes global criteria for the identity, composition, safety and quality of powdered milk and whey permeates for the first time. It is expected to accelerate demand for permeate and open up new sales channels, particularly in Asia.

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