Our dairy functionalities

Dairy taste

Our whey permeate is more than just a bulking agent in dairy products. With its dairy taste, flavour-enhancing capabilities and free-flowing quality, it’s a great source of milk solids.

Whey permeate is an efficient, high-quality choice when you seek milk solids that will give your dairy products a delicious taste and uniform texture.  At Arla Foods Ingredients, we supply some of the best whey permeate on the market.

Our whey permeate is high in lactose, low in minerals and has a pleasant dairy flavour – ideal for premium and traditional ice cream products and Greek-style frozen yoghurt. Other opportunities include cost optimisation and flavour enhancement in yoghurt and cheese spread applications.

On top of its own good taste, our whey permeate enhances added flavours, such as chocolate and vanilla. It also has the ability to bind volatile flavour components, limiting flavour loss during processing and storage. The mineral content supports an appealing mouthfeel.

We produce whey permeate using a special process that ensures a free-flowing powder quality. That, in turns, makes it easy to use on your production line. No process changes are necessary when switching to our whey permeate from sweet whey powder.

Codex for dairy permeate
The Codex Alimentarius Commission is currently working on a standard for dairy permeate powders used in food applications. This will cover essential composition and quality factors, food additives and labelling guidelines and will facilitate the positioning of permeate powders as food ingredients.