ONE Ingredient

The natural way to innovation

At Arla Foods Ingredients we are committed to supporting our customers in their efforts to consolidate and increase their share of a highly volatile market. The following steps ensure short time to market at the lowest possible cost.

Identify new opportunities
Benefit from our unique knowledge of markets and consumer trends to identify ideas for improvement or new product opportunities based on Nutrilac®.

Test, adjust and finalise
Test modified or new recipes together with our scientists and food engineers, either on your premises or at our small-scale Application Centre.

Use our unique knowledge of your market and consumer trends to ensure fast and effective retail uptake and consumer preference for your new or modified product.

Innovation benefits

  • Unique market insights
  • Targeted development
  • Low risk
  • High value
  • Process efficiency
  • Upscalable results
  • Market success

Get started now!
Making alterations to successful recipes can be a time-consuming and even risky busi-ness. On the other hand, product development is essential in the face of dynamic bite-size trends, with new temptations constantly hitting the shelves.

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