ONE ingredient

Optimise your production

Save time and money
Nutrilac® saves you time and money with greater stability and resilience plus easier handling of dough, batter and fillings. All it requires is a small dose to start benefiting from optimised production capacity and reduced waste.

Add consumer value
Consumers notice cakes, fillings and cookies with long-lasting freshness and sensory appeal. Nutrilac® effectively locks air into the batter and water into the dough to maintain the freshness, texture and resili-ence of your final product.

Strengthen consumer loyalty
Made by Arla Foods Ingredients, Nutrilac® means consistent high quality to stretch your product shelf life and strengthen consumer loyalty to your brand.

Bakery benefits

  • Process optimisation
  • No need for significant recipe change
  • Greater air and moisture retention
  • Less waste and increased yield
  • Longer shelf life
  • High whipping stability
  • Improved mixing tolerance
  • Good emulsifying properties
  • Improved batter stability
  • Easier handling

The natural way to higher value; Get closer to retailers
Nutrilac® offers many functional benefits
– during and after processing.

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