Egg replacement


Bake great cakes with a natural egg substitute

If you think egg prices are hard to handle, a Nutrilac® solution will put you in control of the cost and quality of your cake brand.

Eggs are such a traditional ingredient in many cake recipes that it can be hard to imagine baking without them. But a long history of fluctuating prices and, more recently, a series of supply crises are increasingly making eggs a target for replacement.

The challenge for bakers is how to control the cost and quality of their cake products while pleasing the many consumers who still regard eggs as a natural and desirable ingredient.

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A well-documented egg substitute
At Arla Foods Ingredients, we have used our knowledge of whey protein functionality to develop a range of Nutrilac® solutions for 50% egg replacement in cake.

Our goal was to develop a price-stable egg substitute with similar properties to egg. In fact, sensory evaluations show that Nutrilac® delivers a number of quality improvements. Cakes keep a moister, fresher feel during shelf life, and the crumb is less fragile and more resilient. There are several processing advantages too.

Great news for your business
Since the arrival of Nutrilac®, baking high-quality cakes with less eggs is not only possible. It’s also a good business proposition.

With Nutrilac®, you can simply bake a better cake, with the indulgent taste and texture that consumers love.

Calculate your savings using the Nutrilac® egg replacement calculator – and give us a call to learn more.

Bake great cakes

Watch the video to learn more about how you can use Nutrilac® egg replacement solutions in your cake products.

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