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Egg replacement

Stabilise your batter, build texture and bind water – and you’re on target to produce great cakes that are soft and moist. Nutrilac® adds the functionality you need.

An indulgent cake needs a good, resilient crumb and soft texture. You can count on both when you add our Nutrilac® functional milk proteins to your recipe.

The structure-providing properties of Nutrilac® stabilise your batter system and bind water during production. After baking, your cake products not only have excellent crumb strength and resilience and an improved volume. The improved moistness also increases the perception of freshness. And, because the water is bound in the cake, water activity is unchanged, ensuring mould development stays under control.

Egg replacement
Many of our customers want to reduce or entirely replace the egg in their recipes. This is another area where Nutrilac® is a well-documented solution. In fact, you can replace up to 50% of egg white and whole eggs without altering cake texture or stability. Often, cakes feel even moister when Nutrilac® is used.

If you wish to go 100% egg-free, we have several solutions that are ready for use in your new and existing bakery products. However, it is important to be aware that changes in taste and texture are likely when all the egg is replaced in existing product recipes.

Our whey-based egg replacers are easy to use, with no pre-blending or cooling required, and have a longer microbiological shelf life than eggs – up to 18 months stored at room temperature. That keeps your production efficient and reduces waste.

With Nutrilac®, you can simply bake a better cake, with the indulgent taste and texture that consumers love.

  • Cake crumb structure, elasticity and resilience are noticeably improved
  • Cake batter is more stable, improving your process
  • The moister, softer crumb gives a sense of long-lasting freshness
  • Egg replacement gives good results and can cut waste
  • Recipe optimisation can give cost benefits

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