Whey protein hydrolysates deliver enhanced sports performance
Whey protein hydrolysate - fast delivery for enhanced performance

Life’s too short for slow proteins

Whey protein hydrolysates deliver enhanced sports performance – fast

First there were the bodybuilders and elite athletes who demanded high-protein sports nutrition to build muscles and speed up their recovery. Then came the fitness lifestyle trend, encouraging consumers to look for convenient, protein-enriched foods and beverages, either to improve their performance or simply to help them lead a healthier, more active life. New developments within whey protein hydrolysates are the next step to meeting all levels of sporting ambition.

An effective choice for innovation
In a global sports nutrition market that hit USD 10.8 million in 2015 – 60% higher than in 2010 – food and beverage manufacturers have every reason to keep on innovating. Euromonitor predicts continued growth to USD 17.5 billion in 2020. Whey protein hydrolysates are an effective protein choice for this market – high in nutritional quality, easy to digest and rapidly absorbed for fast muscle delivery. They are versatile in a range of convenient products, including ready-to-drink (RTD) clear or milky beverages and gels.

Let’s start with their performance track record...

Enhanced performance
By ensuring rapid delivery of the key amino acids that improve muscle building and recovery, whey protein hydrolysates enable sports enthusiasts to train more frequently to enhance their performance. 

This beneficial effect has been demonstrated in a clinical study at Aarhus University, using a whey protein hydrolysate from the Arla Foods Ingredients range. Here, a group of elite athletes experienced greatly improved performance, faster recovery and less muscle damage compared to a control group when they consumed a sports drink with our whey protein hydrolysate before and after intense training. The control group had the same training regime and daily intake of calories but consumed a sports drink without the whey protein hydrolysate.

Better taste, more proteins
Interested in making your sports and active nutrition portfolio stand out? Compared to whey protein isolate, the current gold standard for protein beverages and gels, whey protein hydrolysates provide a better taste profile and make it possible to pack more proteins into a clear protein drink.

Our ‘Life’s too short for slow proteins’ concept highlights the latest opportunities with whey protein hydrolysate as the sole protein source. Download our brochure to read how they work in RTD beverages, gel and powder.

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