Gastrointestinal health

The infant intestinal microbiota is established during the first weeks after birth. Thereafter the microbiota becomes a fingerprint of the individual early in life and affects intestinal development significantly. Therefore, it is of major importance for the infant that early nutrition supports a healthy microbiota and intestinal development.

Human milk is recognised for its ability to promote infant gut development and health through components like alpha-lactalbumin, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, MFGM proteins and sphingolipids including gangliosides. These components secure a healthy intestine through several mechanisms including: supporting a healthy microbiota, antimicrobial effects and diarrhea prevention and support a healthy intestinal growth and maturation.

Arla Foods Ingredients has developed several ingredients with a positive influence on gastrointestinal health. Lacprodan® MFGM-10 has a unique protein and lipid profile including bioactive compounds such as lactoferrin, IgG and phospholipids including gangliosides. This composition is behind antiviral and antibacterial mechanisms that combat gut-derived infections. Alpha-lactalbumin, present in high amounts in our two products Lacprodan® ALPHA-10 and Lacprodan® ALPHA-20, is a dominant protein in human milk which reduces discomfort related to formula feeding and supports a healthy gut flora.

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Using infant formulas is second to breastfeeding, a fact supported by WHO. This information is for professional use only.