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Infant clinical study on Lacprodan® OPN-10 demonstrates immune improvement 

A new study performed on our Lacprodan® OPN-10 has been published in Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. The study has investigated the effect of osteopontin (OPN) on growth and immune system development when added to an infant formula.

Immune system development starts early in life in the embryo and continues during fetal life, and is first completed several years after birth. Factors in human milk are known to be important for development of immunity, and therefore breastfed and formula fed infants display differences in immune function and response. OPN is an immune modulating protein, present in significant amounts in human breast milk, whereas the level is low in cow’s milk and hence in infant formulas.

In the current study, infants were fed breast milk, standard formula, or standard formulas supplemented with OPN (one formula with 50% of the level seen in human milk, and another formula with 100% of the level) for six months. Growth patterns and immune function were measured.

There were no significant differences in growth between the groups, demonstrating that Lacprodan® OPN-10 is safe. Infants receiving formula supplemented with OPN experienced less fever and had a better immune response compared to infants fed standard formula.

The data confirm that OPN supplementation of infant formula improves immune outcomes known to differ between formula fed and breastfed, suggesting that OPN plays a central role in establishing a natural immunological phenotype in early life.

Lönnerdal B, Kvistgaard AS, Peerson JM, Donovan SM, Peng Y-M. Growth, Nutrition and Cytokine Response of Breast-Fed Infants and Infants Fed Formula with Added Bovine Osteopontin. J Pedi-atr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2015 Oct 9. [Epub ahead of print]

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