Dairy health and nutrition excellence center

The Arla Foods Dairy Health and Nutrition Center is a consortium between Arla Foods & Arla Foods Ingredients together with Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen. 

The overall aim is to strengthen research into health and dairy-based nutrition. 

The consortium was founded in 2015 and will initially run until 2020. It is expected that the competence and knowledge sharing will result in superior dairy health and nutrition research. Additionally, it will be a competence platform for training and education of all parties. The center will amongst other projects contribute to funding research with the aim of develop and explore ingredients linked into the infant segment.

Currently, the center focus mainly on three areas of research: Healthy growth and development of children, metabolic syndrome and weight control as well as immunity and type 2 diabetes.

Read more about the center at the below links from Arla Foods, University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University: