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Cognitive development

A new study published in Journal of Nutrition performed on our Lacprodan® PL-20 has shown that supplementation with phospholipids and gangliosides showed improvements in brain and cognitive development in piglets.

Breastfed infants have improved learning compared with formula-fed infants possibly due to human breast milk being a rich source of phospholipids and gangliosides. Therefore the importance of dietary phospholipids and gangliosides for brain development is of great interest.

In the current study, piglets were fed formula containing 0% (control), 0.8%, or 2.5% Lacprodan® PL-20 and the performance in a spatial T-maze task was assessed. Diet affected the performance in the maze, with piglets that were fed PL-20 supplemented formula making fewer errors than control piglets. 

Furthermore, these piglets also took less time to make a choice. Mean brain weight was 5% higher for piglets fed PL-20 supplemented formula than control piglets, and analysis revealed multiple brain areas with greater volumes and more gray and white matter in piglets fed PL-20 supplemented formula than in control piglets.

These data confirm that dietary phospholipids and gangliosides improve spatial learning and affects brain growth and composition in piglets.

Early Supplementation of Phospholipids and Gangliosides Affects Brain and Cognitive Development in Neonatal PigletsLiu H, Radlowski EC, Conrad MS, Li Y, Dilger RN and Johnson RWJ. Nutr. 2014 jn.114.199828; first published online October 1, 2014. doi:10.3945/jn.114.199828