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A newly initiated study focusing on growth and metabolism in infants fed protein-reduced, alpha-lactalbumin enriched formula

We have in collaboration with Skåne University Hospital, Sweden initiated a new randomized, double blinded, controlled study on Lacprodan® Alpha-10 with focus on growth and metabolism.

The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the effect of feeding infants a protein-reduced infant formula with high or low levels of alpha-lactalbumin on growth, metabolic markers and gut microbiota composition. In the clinical trial we will include 320 infants, where 80 will be exclusively breastfed and the remainder will be assigned to one of three formula groups; a standard infant formula or two experimental, protein reduced formula with different alpha-lactalbumin levels. The intervention period is from 4-8 weeks until 6 months of age. The infants will be followed on several parameters such as growth, blood-, urine- and fecal biomarkers and health parameters until 5 years of age. The experimental formula will possibly result in growth, metabolic markers, and gut microbiota as well as health parameters more similar to those of breastfed infants.

For more information see (NCT02410057)