From surgery to recovery with whey protein
Medical nutrition

Recovery after illness

From surgery to recovery with whey protein
The need for an effective nutritional support after illness or surgery has never been greater. The growing elderly population is at especially high risk of long hospital stays and increased risk of mortality due to protein malnutrition.

As one effective solution to this global health challenge, Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a unique whey protein concentrate, Lacprodan® DI-7017. This 100% whey-based ingredient is suitable for highly nutritious UHT-stable sip feeds.

The nutritional quality of whey protein
Until recently, nutritional supplementation with dairy proteins primarily included caseinates. However, following a decade of extensive international research, there is a growing move towards whey protein supplementation. This research has documented the excellent nutritional quality of whey protein, and that whey protein intake results in a superior muscle protein synthesis rate.

UHT-stable drinks for a good recovery
The nutritional quality of whey protein makes it  a very interesting component in medical nutrition products. However, it has been very difficult to produce whey-based, UHT-stable drinks with a neutral pH since regular whey protein forms a gel under these processing conditions.

The novel whey protein ingredient, Lacprodan® DI-7017, is UHT-stable at neutral pH, enabling the production of protein-enriched drinks and sip feeds that benefit patients recovering from illness or surgery.

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