medical beverage with 10% whey protein
Concept - Medical nutrition

Low-volume, high-protein medical beverage with 10% whey protein

Low-volume, high-protein medical beverage
What if you could squeeze 10g of high quality whey protein and add minerals according to FSMP requirements into a 100ml RTD that is energy dense, tasty and low in lactose? And without the usual production challenges?

A perfect opportunity
Patients recovering from malnutrition need a low-volume dietary treatment that contains plenty of high-quality protein. And whey protein’s excellent nutritional profile is just the right ingredient.

In fact, clinical trials show whey proteins outperform milk, soy, casein and collagen for stimulating muscle synthesisdue to a higher content of essential amino acids and leucine; and whey has also been proven to have a better digestibility than milk, casein and soy2, 3.  

Global medical product launches indicating an increased market focus on whey and high protein beverages  

Today, whey proteins for medical nutrition are in big demand when looking at global product launches with growth racing ahead at 9.9% CAGR over the past 5 years4. And so, too, medical beverages have grown an astonishing 22.8% CAGR4 during the same period of time.

Looking back at the last decade, the average protein content of medical beverage product launches has increased 11%, and in 2017 was 7.8 g/100ml4. These are great conditions for launching high-protein whey beverages that comply with the FSMP requirements. But the fact is that whey proteins can be challenging in beverages when its concentration goes up.

Taking on the challenges
Despite the favorable conditions for launching high protein whey beverages that comply with the FSMP requirements, when adding high level of proteins in medical beverages they typically gel overtime, the taste is compromised and if the ingredient is not heat stable, it can even block the processing equipment.

Thanks to our Lacprodan® DI-7325 ingredient, your next low-volume, high-protein medical beverage solution won’t gel and will keep a low viscosity overtime, it won’t compromise on taste and it have a high heat stability. So you can focus on marketing a product that will keep you well ahead of the competition.

Developed and tested in Arla Foods Ingredients Application Center in Denmark, Lacprodan® DI-7325 is a great tasting, high-quality whey ingredient specially designed for medical nutrition. 

Your next big win
Now you can easily create a low-volume, high-protein medical beverage with Lacprodan® DI-7325 that provides the following benefits:

Nutritional and health claims* 

  • High in protein 
  • Low lactose (< 1g / 100 g) 
  • Muscle growth and maintenance
  • Energy/caloric dense

On-pack communication 

  • 10% protein 
  • 100% of the protein from whey 
  • Added minerals 
  • UHT stable 
  • Kosher/halal

Additional benefits 

  • Optimised fat/ carbohydrate ratio 
  • Highly convenient
  • Great taste


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