Tailored protein systems at Arla Foods Ingredients takes on your challenges

Tailormade solutions to take on your challenges

Whatever technical challenge you’re facing or whichever new product you would like to perfect, Arla Foods Ingredients has tailored protein systems that are sure to help.

Leveraging the world’s most advanced dairy whey processing plant, we’ve been able to create a wide range of specialised whey protein building blocks that combine to offer different functionalities, water-binding and texturizing properties. Working with us, therefore, opens the door to a multi-purpose toolbox of ingredients able to adapt to every need.

The power to innovate

You can use Nutrilac® milk and whey proteins, for example, to transform the structure, texture, mouthfeel or stability of your whole range of dairy products. Or to innovate in dairy drinks, focusing on health, new taste options, sports nutrition and convenience – and seizing opportunities for meal replacement and on-the-go solutions. Additionally, our proteins overcome the potential weaknesses of high-protein products, such as taste, graininess and process concerns. And because all of our Nutrilac® proteins are drawn from pure milk, they’re light on your label, too.

You’ll also find that our solutions optimise the flexibility and capacity of your production line, even enabling you to eliminate acid whey as a waste product from cream cheese, cottage cheese, quark or greek yogurt processes. And you can look forward to consistent performance all year round, with no seasonal variations in raw material quality

Tested for success

Each and every Nutrilac® solution has been thoroughly tested in a wide range of dairy products, ensuring our recommendations will deliver exactly what you need. And every solution has been part of hundreds or even thousands of recipe trials in our world-class application centres.

With the support of our dairy experts, you can develop dairy products that meet both the sensory and dietary requirements of consumer segments and the needs of your business, too.