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Growing obesity drives high demand of low calorie dairy products

1.4 billion people in the world are overweight, and 700 million of them are obese. People are increasingly getting obese mainly because processed and fatty foods are getting cheaper and healthier choices more expensive.

This causes a huge health and wellness trend to spread among consumers, as they become more aware of products that benefit their health and physical appearance. A growing group of consumers are more appealed by low calorie and low fat claims on products when they go grocery shopping. 

48% of the world’s consumers are actively controlling their weight through their diet and how they exercise. The tendency is clear, and consumers are seeking health products with high protein and fibre sources, as it is believed to prolong the feeling of satiety.
With Arla Foods Ingredients, you can tap into weight management, the globally second largest health trend with our two solutions for this segment; a low calorie solution and a high satiety solution.

Our solution for low calorie fresh dairy products allows you to produce either a low calorie drinking yoghurt with less than 20 calories or a stirred yoghurt with 36 calories per 100g while keeping a creamy and tasty mouthfeel.

With our solution for high satiety fresh dairy products you can make a stirred yoghurt with 2% fibre and 5.8% protein and 47 calories, or a drinking yoghurt with 2% fibre and 4.4% protein and only 37 calories per 100 g.

Because of Nutrilac®’s water-binding capabilities and its clean taste, our proteins will enable producers to make creamy and healthy products while keeping the calorie content low.