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High-protein yoghurt

Extra protein boost and keep your products delicious

Making yoghurt a high-protein pleasure

Today it’s not just bodybuilders who focus on the protein in their diet. Mainstream consumers are looking for high-protein food products to help them manage their weight and build or maintain lean muscle mass. High-protein yoghurt has become a very popular protein product worldwide and the focus on consuming the right amoint of proteins has never been more important.

High protein yoghurt is a great way to meet the growing consumer demand for more protein. With Nutrilac®, you can raise the protein content of fermented dairy products without any issue in your production. 

High-protein yoghurt makes dieting a real pleasure

Our solutions prevent the development of a dry, sandy texture and other quality defects that typically arise when adding regular protein to yoghurt recipes. What you get instead is a pleasantly smooth yoghurt – drinking or spoonable – that makes following a high-protein diet a real pleasure.