Fresh dairy products

Drinking yoghurt

Healthy and tasty drinkable yoghurt matching our dynamic world

Drinkable yoghurts are the perfect match for busy lifestyles. Made for on-the-go consumption, they deliver convenience and essential nutrients in one filling snack.

Drinking yoghurt with Nutrilac® proteins

Our Nutrilac® proteins give you free reign to define the viscosity and texture of your drinking yoghurt products and tailor the content of protein and fat to your target consumer segment. If you’re looking for further enrichment, our proteins work well in formulations with added calcium, fibre and probiotic cultures. Our drinking yoghurt products are both healty, creamy and tasty which make them a perfect choice - even when you are on the go.

Drinkable yoghurt with a natural and creamy taste

Our proteins are efficient water-binders too, cancelling out potential defects, such as dryness and graininess, and creating a natural, creamy taste. Nor do they thicken or gel during processing and storage. So you can count on a pleasantly drinkable viscosity throughout your yoghurt’s shelf life. All these beneficial advantages that you get with our drinkable yoghurt, with a high content of protein, is another good reason for choosing drinking youghurt as an integral part of your daily diet.