Yoghurt for the Chinese market with a natural focus

Do wonders with Chinese dairy

China loves yoghurt. As many as 84% of adults and 92% of children enjoy yoghurt at least once a week, according to an Arla survey of consumers in six major cities. By 2022, China is forecast to take over from the US as the world’s biggest yoghurt market. That’s equivalent to an average growth rate of 15% a year from now on.

For yoghurt manufacturers, there’s never been a better time to launch new appealing products in China. The challenges and opportunities boil down to more or less the same thing: to strengthen yoghurt’s image as a healthy, natural and filling snack.
At Arla Foods Ingredients, we’ve got a few ideas to help you do that.

Drivers and barriers

Arla research has found that the Chinese yoghurt category is driven by ambient, fruit and unflavoured products. Barriers to higher consumption are consumer perceptions of yoghurt as a fattening and high sugar product that is hard to digest and lacks an appealing taste and texture. Parents are also concerned about food safety when giving yoghurt to their kids.

A natural focus
To meet consumer expectations and push up sales, producers should focus on natural ingredients and ensuring a fresh taste in products that consumers recognise as healthy, filling and convenient snacks.
Our dairy specialists have tested our Nutrilac® proteins in a series of inspirational concepts that meet all those needs: a skyr yoghurt, a high-protein yoghurt and an ambient yoghurt.
We think they’ve got potential. Get in touch to learn more.

Novel skyr solution

Our application experts have developed a novel skyr solution specifically for the Chinese market, high in protein and low in fat. Nutrilac® proteins provide a fresh taste, smooth texture and stable shelf life. Our concept can be produced on a standard yoghurt production line, without having to invest in a centrifuge or any smoothing equipment.

Super-smooth skyr - China’s next dairy novelty

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