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White salted cheese

Optimised  production with 100% yield
White salted cheese made by cast processing is part of the daily diet in Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Today, it’s also becoming increasingly enjoyed in Northern Europe.

Production is typically based either on concentrated milk or a recombined milk base, to which rennet, salt and a culture or acidifier are added before filling into bricks or canisters.

Our whey-based Nutrilac® range enables flexible, optimised production of white salted cheese for all market needs – including opportunities to utilise 100% of the milk.

That means:

  • Appealing acidified or fermented white cheese is simple to make using an acidifier or culture
  • You can avoid the milk concentration step altogether using our high-yield process, ensuring 100% yield
  • You can adjust the protein content to high or low in recombined white cheese
  • Fat content can be reduced with no impact on taste and texture
  • Pumpable white cheese fillings are easily produced for bakery applications