High-quality dairy products with much less milk


Delicious creamy treats use all of the milk

Greek-style youghurt and cream cheese
Delicious creamy treats use all of the milk

Milk is an expensive raw material. Yet only about a third of it ends up in the final product when making creamy dairy favourites such as Greek yoghurt and cream cheese using a traditional process.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use 100% of the milk?
It could certainly make a lot of sense – not only to your business, but also to meeting consumer demand for these popular products, which continues to grow. For example, retail sales of Greek yoghurt are expected to hit $9.3 billion by 2017 in the US alone.

A tailored protein and process
Our dairy specialists at Arla Foods Ingredients have worked on a special whey protein and a high-yield process to make that possible.

Their brief was to develop a way to make Greek-style yoghurt and other ‘-style’ products similar to cream cheese, quark and skyr with 100% yield. And production had to take place on an existing yoghurt or cream cheese line – simple, flexible and with no need for extra investment.

Produce more with less - the HiYield process
In a nutshell, we wanted to help you produce more high-quality dairy products with much less milk. That also includes white cheese, petit suisse, ricotta and mascarpone.
Today, it's an opportunity we can provide.