Fat reduced cottage cheese with the characteristic creaminess  with Nutrilac whey protein

Cottage cheese

The clean-label way to creamy, fresh cheese. 
Fresh, versatile cottage cheese is a perfect match for today’s nutrition trends. Containing 11-14% protein and 0.5-4% fat, cottage cheese products are growing in popularity. Their milky taste and creamy texture are all part of the enjoyment.Nutrilac® whey proteins take cottage cheese to the next level – where fat is reduced to an absolute minimum while maintaining the characteristic creaminess.

We offer solutions for cottage cheese production based on a neutral or fermented cream or dressing. That means, you can meet all your stabilisation needs with dairy ingredients alone. When used to thicken the cream, our solutions are even efficient at a neutral pH of 6.5 to 6.7.

Using Nutrilac®:

  • You can produce a stable cream cheese with a clean label
  • It’s possible to reduce fat without losing creaminess or milky taste
  • You can boost the protein content for an even better nutritional profile