Use acid whey to boost your business with an eco-friendly image
A dairy ingredient you won’t want to waste

Acid whey

Turn your acid whey waste into high-quality products
Do you produce cream cheese, Greek yoghurt, quark and other strained dairy products? Then there’s a valuable raw material at your disposal – and it offers great opportunities for you to expand your product range.

It’s called acid whey.
Just as whey has won recognition as a highly nutritious by-product of cheese production, acid whey is a by-product waiting to be discovered.

Rich in milk minerals
Containing as much calcium and magnesium as milk and a good dose of phosphorous and potassium, the nutritional content of acid whey contributes to strong teeth and bones, muscle structure and general health.

“But what about the technical problems that arise when acid whey is used in dairy products?” you may ask.

We know all about that at Arla Foods Ingredients. To solve the issues, we’ve developed a special whey protein that you can simply add to acid whey along with water.

Creamy appeal
The result is healthy, fresh-tasting products such as fermented beverages, kiri, cream cheese and glasnost – all with an appealing viscosity and creamy mouthfeel and a protein content of up to 5 %.

So, instead of throwing your acid whey out with the waste, you can put it to good use and boost your business. Consumers will love your eco-friendly image, too.