Other bakery products

Pancake & Waffles

When making pancakes and waffles with the addition of our functional milk proteins you will see immediate benefits and improvements. By using Nutrilac® you can obtain a very pleasant golden color and a crispy surface.
Nutrilac®’s water-binding properties will not only ensure and optimised batter viscosity and flow property, it will also reduce surface stickiness which is an advantage both during processing and after packaging.
Furthermore, our protein solution for pancakes and waffles will ensure crispiness, nice, golden colors and uniformity in your final products.

Nutrilac® for pancakes and waffles can be added to your production without extra efforts.


  • Better viscosity
  • Crispy surface
  • Stickiness
  • Emulsification
  • Egg reduction
  • Golden color
  • Moistness and mouthfeel