Other bakery products

Custard & Glaze

With its emulsifying and texture imitating functionalities, Nutrilac® is perfect for custards and glaze in bakery.
By adding our proteins to your production, your custard will gain a rich taste and a creamy texture that your consumers will love. Nutrilac® also has a nice milky flavor that only supports the flavor of the final product.
Our proteins for custard also ensure that baking stability is improved, resulting in a homogenous final product.
Nutrilac® can also replace egg in gaze used for the final finish in your end products such as croissants or pastry. Our functional protein for glaze is designed to give your bakes a long lasting shine that enhances a golden and appealing appearance.



  • Air incorporation
  • Creaminess
  • Baking stability
  • Less stickiness


  • 100% egg free
  • Even color
  • Shininess