Satisfying snack cake with whey ingredients

Snack Cake

Make a satisfying snack cake with whey ingredients
Surveys show that more consumers go for high-protein snacks, as they are perceived to be more filling than snacks that are low in protein [1]. While snacks do not need to be extremely healthy, consumers look for functional benefits such as high protein to help them manage their weight and portion size [2].

For consumers it is very important that a snack cake is convenient, easy to eat on the go and filling. During production, the crumb structure should be stable and homogeneous, enabling perfect filling and easy handling.

Nutrilac® improves the freshness, softness, structure and volume of your cake, resulting in more uniform production.


  • Better stability
  • Improved structure
  • Higher volume
  • Fresher feel
  • Long-lasting softness
  • Uniform quality

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