Baking’s best-kept secret: whey protein solutions

Many bakers haven’t yet realised just how powerful whey protein-based solutions have become for solving, enabling or controlling:

• Taste
• Texture
• Structure
• Air incorporation
• Moistness
• Freshness
• Egg reduction
• Protein enrichment
• Gluten-free options
• Calcium enrichment

Simply put, whey proteins offer the next best thing to eggs, sharing a similar molecular structure, but providing better water-binding capacity.

Special expertise
While whey proteins aren’t yet widely used in baking circles, they have already become one of the best-kept secrets of a number of leading industrial bakers around the world.

One ingredients supplier has turned the promise of whey protein solutions for baking into a special area of expertise: Arla Foods Ingredients. We’ve discovered how to unlock the full potential of proteins extracted from whey to cost-competitively answer a wide variety of baking needs – and we combine our ingredients with impressive technical know-how and a world-class application centre, too.

Many different solutions
Our Nutrilac® range of innovative ingredients offers many different, high-quality protein solutions derived from natural milk proteins, and can achieve highly specific effects on, for example, water-binding or texture.

Our advanced application facilities have the equipment and expertise necessary to engineer innovative ingredients that can make a world of difference without having to change your production setup. Working closely with you, we’re specialists in testing and fine-tuning new cake recipes quickly and thoroughly, lowering your costs and drastically shortening time to market.

Strengthen your brand
Nutrilac® functional milk proteins will bring extra appeal to your bakery line while maintaining and even improving the quality of your products throughout their shelf life, and helping to strengthen your brand.