Bakery expertise in action

Assisting customers to perfect or reformulate their bakery products is our passion – and our particular expertise.

Recently, for example, we were approached by a Southern European customer who was experiencing issues around the texture and volume of a savoury cake-like product. We started out, as we always do, by conducting a detailed conversation with the customer to understand as much about their product as possible, including issues experienced, potential causes, process parameters and the recipe used. With enough information gathered, we began experimenting with the customer’s recipe at our application centre – first replicating it, then starting to adjust it.

Usually, after testing several potential solutions and finding the best match for the requirements, we’re able to get back to customers with specific recommendations within a week or two. As well as advising on what products we have added, we also include potential parameter changes such as changes in mixing or baking time.

In this case, no parameter changes were needed – the AFI ingredients were able to deliver what was required through the recipe alone. We were quickly able to provide the customer with clear recommendations in the form of a detailed report, and arranged to send one of our technicians to their production site to see the solution through to its successful outcome: a voluminous treat with a delightfully quick flavour release.

One of the most pleasing things for us, as bakery application specialists working with whey proteins, is to see the surprise shown by many industrial bakers when they experience the effect that suitably applied, protein-based ingredients can have on their recipes. There are plenty of situations where it’s simply not possible to achieve a similar effect using enzymes, for example.

A case in point is that of a customer in the UK, keen to reduce sugar levels in their muffins without losing texture or flavour release. Enzymes were clearly not the answer. And when we helped them create a new recipe using milk proteins to support the texture and produce an even shorter bite, they were nothing short of amazed!