Building a dairy supply chain in Ethiopia together with GAIN Nordic


Building a dairy supply chain in Ethiopia
Through the GAIN Nordic Partnership, we are working to connect low-income families with affordable foods based on milk from Ethiopia’s 11 million cows.

The aim of the GAIN Access to Better Dairy project is to build a sustainable dairy chain in collaboration with smallholder farmers and two local dairies. As lead business partner, our role at Arla Foods Ingredients is to equip the two dairies with the capabilities to produce a safe, nutritious and affordable yoghurt for sale in Ethiopian markets and kiosks.

The yoghurt recipe contains our whey permeate – an ingredient rich in milk minerals and lactose – to maximise the dairies’ yoghurt production and ensure a good taste and texture.

Our GAIN Nordic partners in the project – Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and DanChurchAid – are establishing other key links in the supply chain. This involves working with farmers to improve their milk quality and yield and raising public awareness of the importance of good nutrition, especially for children and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. The Confederation of Danish Industry is contributing to the business model. For more information please see the video here.

GAIN Nordic launched the project after a series of field trips and an impact assessment of the Ethiopian dairy sector.  The assessment included developing a tool for identifying and avoiding potential negative impacts.

GAIN Access to Better Dairy is supported by Denmark’s development cooperation agency, Danida. The detailed case description is available for download here.

GAIN Access to Better Dairy Ethiopia

Whey permeate, vitamins and milk from happy, local cows. These are some of the ingredients that make up the new nutritious yoghurt that Arla Foods Ingredients have produced in cooperation with GAIN, DanChurchAid, the Confederation of Danish Industry and Loni, an Ethiopian Dairy Company

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GAIN Nordic project in Ethiopia

Arla Foods Ingredients is lead business partner in a GAIN Nordic project to connect Ethiopia’s malnourished children with milk from 11 million cows

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