Nutrition studies

Arla Foods Ingredients supports the World Health Organisation call for more research into the efficacy of supplementary foods to prevent and treat child undernutrition. We contribute by supplying whey ingredients and expertise for research studies.

Nutrition studies continue to investigate the benefits of whey in ready-to-use supplementary foods for treating moderate malnutrition in children, pregnant women and young women of reproductive age in general.

Research has shown that animal-sourced nutrients such as milk are essential to ensure normal growth and development in malnourished children. But, in some regions, milk is either too expensive or not available for local families to buy. Supplementation of everyday food products with whey ingredients can help bring dairy nutrition within reach.

Due to its content of essential amino acids, whey has a very high quality compared to other protein sources. Studies indicate that whey ingredients contribute to gastrointestinal health, immune health, cognitive development and performance, and allergy treatment and prevention.

These include: