Building a dairy supply chain for affordable food

Ethiopia is the initial focus of our affordable food work within the GAIN Nordic Partnership. A number of field trips have explored opportunities to strengthen the country’s dairy supply chain in cooperation with local manufacturers and smallholder farmers.

Based on the field trips, GAIN Nordic has completed an impact assessment report of the Ethiopian dairy sector, including a tool for identifying potential pitfalls related to the production of healthier, affordable foods. The aim is to avoid any negative impacts.

GAIN Nordic has launched the ”GAIN Access to Better Dairy” project in Ethiopia. Click here to learn more or read the detailed case description here.

See also the UN Food And Agriculture Organization’s report on the state of food security and nutrition in the world: How close are we to #ZeroHunger?

GAIN Nordic project in Ethiopia

Arla Foods Ingredients is lead business partner in a GAIN Nordic project to connect Ethiopia’s malnourished children with milk from 11 million cows

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