Quality at scale – introducing our hydrolysates factory

Quality at scale – introducing our hydrolysates factory

Producing hydrolysates that can promote the health of consumers requires scientifically documented health benefits, excellent solubility, superb microbiology and uniform quality. And it demands world-class production facilities, too.

Arla Foods Ingredients has one of the world’s most advanced hydrolysates factories. Located in Denmark, the €40 million facility can produce approximately 4,000 tonnes of high-quality whey and casein hydrolysates annually. The factory features state-of-the-art manufacturing technology as well as pilot plants, analytical laboratories and R&D facilities. It complies with – and exceeds – the strictest quality and safety standards in the industry.

With 250 employees working in shifts around the clock, producing more than 80 different protein ingredients and 25 lactose ingredients for customers all over the world, the new factory is equipped to answer growing demands for whey proteins in health foods and many other applications. Yet it’s not so much the size of the facility we emphasise. It’s the extreme levels we go to to ensure product purity and safety.

For example, incoming whey is constantly tested, with samples’ pH and nitrates tested at unloading. We also take samples and monitor the temperature, immediately analyzing the chemical components and sending bacterialogical samples to our factory lab for analysis. Everything is checked before it can move to the next stage, and is traced throughout the entire production process.

Products are processed in individual production areas, several of whose hygiene is an exact match for that of a hospital operating theatre – despite being over 150 times the size. And the final result is bagged automatically without contact with humans or unfiltered air.

For all of our customers, including health foods manufacturers, our new production plant ensures access to a safe and secure supply of some of the world’s best-quality whey proteins and functional solutions. 

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