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SupplySide® West 2015

Look out for the next generation of proteins at SSW

At the upcoming SSW expo from October 7th in Las Vegas we will showcase some of our latest and innovative ingredients that are at the vanguard of sports nutrition and weight management segments:

Sports nutrition solutions
Whey in sports nutrition continues to grow. 42.7% of all sport nutrition products in 2014 included whey but what´s the next big thing within sports nutrition? The answer is whey protein hydrolysates.

Sports aficionados are continuously searching for innovative products and whey protein hydrolysate is the ingredient to watch leading the next wave of innovative sports nutrition solutions for a growing consumer group and especially, for growing groups like crossfitters and triathletes. We will showcase Lacprodan® HYDRO.365, the gold standard whey protein hydrolysate ingredient ideal for all athletes and sports enthusiasts who place big demands on muscle recovery time. Recently, Brazilian ultra-marathon runner Marcio Villar was appointed brand ambassador and set a new world record for non-stop treadmill running, clocking up an amazing 827.16km. As Marcio explains: “Whey protein hydrolysates are more rapidly absorbed by my muscles than any other form of protein, which means I recover more quickly so I can push myself even harder”.

Weight management solutions
The weight management segment in the US is worth more than 4.3 billion US$. Obesity is one of the main health concerns in the US and the Western world and high quality milk proteins such as whey are the ideal match for weight management solutions due to a beneficial impact on appetite, satiety and energy expenditure. Nutrilac® PB-8420 is a high quality milk protein blend that is the perfect choice to tap into the growing trend of “snackification” and provides great tasting bars while preserving the texture for longer time than standard protein bars. You can have a taste of the weight management and “snackification” trends in one bar at SSW with our high protein and low fat blueberry/lime bar.

We look forward to meeting you in Las Vegas!

The Arla Foods Ingredients team
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