IFT 2015

As consumers become increasingly aware of the health benefits, the demand for high protein products is rising. Protein is proven to speed up metabolism, buildup muscle mass and make you feel fuller for longer. For that reason high protein foods and beverages such as whey have gained a healthy reputation on the global market.

At the upcoming IFT expo in Chicago  from July 12th we will showcase some of our latest and innovative whey protein ingredients that fit the growing consumer protein demand:

Healthy ageing
Age related muscle loss or sarcopenia is one of the most prominent health issues for the elderly today that is acerbated with age, inactivity and insufficient protein intake. A growing number of seniors look for products that help them leading an active lifestyle and stay fit and healthy. We offer optimum nutritional whey solutions for seniors such as drinks, yoghurt even ice cream due to its stimulating effect on muscle protein synthesis.

Weight management 
The weight management segment in the US is today worth 4,3 billion US$ in 2014. Obesity is one of the main health concerns in the US and the Western world and high quality milk proteins such as whey are the perfect fit for weight management solutions. We offer various natural solutions that have a beneficial impact on appetite, satiety and energy expenditure with the application benefits to be used in convenient and great tasting products. Applications such as bars, drinks and even smoothies are high in demand.
Sports nutrition
The sports nutrition segment is booming worldwide, with the sports nutrition segment worth 9,8 billion US$ and the endurance segment worth 20,5 billion US$ worldwide in 2014, both segments with strong growth projections towards 2018 with +8,54% CAGR and +4,9% CAGR respectively. While sports aficionados are continuously searching for innovative products, Arla Foods Ingredients will showcase Lacprodan® HYDRO.365 at IFT, the gold standard sports nutrition ingredient ideal for all athletes who place big demands on muscle recovery time. On the other hand, a unique sports yoghurt solution containing 28g of whey proteins in a 250ml serving - with a great taste – has also great potential due to the sports category increasingly moving into the mainstream market.

We look forward to meeting you in Chicago!

The Arla Foods Ingredients Team
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