Bone health

Casein phosphopeptide (CPP)
A natural boost for calcium absorption
Every child needs calcium to build strong and healthy bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, rickets and fractures in later life. But not all children have sufficient calcium in their diet. This makes it extra important that the available calcium is easy to absorb.
Casein phosphopeptide (CPP) is a natural component of milk casein with a known influence on calcium absorption – supporting bone health and development.

Figure 1: CPP supports calcium absorption

Documented the ability of CPP to:

  • Increase calcium solubility and absorption1-4
  • Improve bone calcification5
  • Reduce bone degradation6

China leads global launches

A national survey of Chinese children found that 97% consume less than half the calcium recommended in the daily diet7. This is one of the reasons why China is now the world’s biggest market for new infant formula product launches with CPP.

Approved nutrient fortifier
At Arla Foods Ingredients, our hydrolysate Lacprodan® DI-2021 contains 22% CPP for maximising calcium bioavailability. CPP is a nutrient fortifier regulated by Chinese food safety legislation, which allows a maximum dosage of 0.3% for children up to three years of age.

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