Meet consumer preferences with Delicious Skyr

Meet consumer preferences with Delicious Skyr

Meet consumer preferences with Delicious Skyr

Skyr is predicted a promising future in Europe

When looking at the total yoghurt market we see that Skyr as a product is taking an increasing piece of the total market share. Furthermore, the market for Skyr is characterized by new product launches emphasizing a growing market.

Additionally, Skyr is predicted to have the potential to reach up to 25% of yoghurt volume sales in large dairy markets – taking Skyr out of its niche and into the mainstream. 

Product launches, Europe

Source: Innova Market Insights, January 2014 – December 2018

A market with growth potential 

In the UK, Skyr already accounts for a big part of the overall yoghurt volume sales with a 24% market share. In addition, Skyr also accounts for a big part in DK with a 20% share. However, in other countries the market share for Skyr is much lower with 7% in Sweden and 2% in both Germany and The Netherlands indicating a huge growth potential (Nielsen, EU market scanning data 2019). 

Skyr Market Share

Source: Nielsen, scanning data 2019

Now you can produce a consumer preferred skyr on your separator processing line

So how can you take advantage of this growing market and make sure that your Skyr brand is top of the consumer’s mind? 

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we have developed Nutrilac® YO-4575 which allows you to satisfy consumers and produce Skyr efficiently on your separator processing line.

Optimise your skyr with tailored natural whey proteins

By adding Nutrilac® YO-4575 to your Skyr recipe, you can produce a Skyr on your separator processing line which follows the consumer preferences  on:

  • Creamy, full-bodied, and smooth mouthfeel
  • Heavy, shiny, and homogeneous texture 
  • Fresh taste with adequate sourness and taste intensity

Sensory evaluation of a separated Skyr, the consumer preferences for Skyr and our Delicious Skyr with Nutrilac® YO-4575 

Based on natural whey proteins, our tailored ingredient is incorporated in the protein network and supports with a softening, which results in a less firm structure and thereby a smooth mouthfeel.

Just what your Skyr brand needs to capture the limelight. 

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